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A butterfly valve is a very special kind of valve and is exclusively named after the structure of the valve. This valve has a butterfly shaped disc attached on a rod. The entire working of the valve totally depends of this disc. This disc is situated in the central part of the pipe along the disc and is joined to the actuator on the exterior of the valve. The valve completely opens up or shuts down simultaneously allowing and blocking the passage of the flow of the fluid. However the disc is constantly contemporaneous along with the flow consequently a pressure drop is all the time caused in the flow, irrespective of the status of the valve. These valves thus are predominantly applied for the isolation or for the controlling of the flow of fluids in diverse industries.

Diverse kinds of Industries prefer these valves for their significant applications.

Power plants across the world use them for the regulation of water in the pipelines of the pumping stations. Sewage plants apply these to isolate pumps & equipment as well as control the sewage waste flow at varied stages of the treatment of the same. These are regarded as very valuable in the process industries particularly the industries including beverages industries, chemical industries as well as pharmaceutical industries that implement major production tasks for the regulation the flow of solid, liquid, gas etc. There are different kinds of valves of this category such as Wafer-style butterfly valves and Lug-style butterfly valve.


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We are the principal producer of supreme performance Butterfly Valves in India. We produce them in a very qualitative manner and are predominantly preferred in the market due to their application features and valuable aspects. These also have several preferable features such as light weightiness, high reliability, and proficient performance as well as easy installation, apart from dimensional precision. These call for very little maintenance.

We offer them several specifications so that our patrons can either choose from standard speciation products or can get their products custom made to fit in their applications. We also export them to several nations such as South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia since we are the top Butterfly Valve Exporter of India. We supply them at very appropriate prices.

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